My Favorite Article Writing Software

There are many kinds of article writing software available these days. By using few good one regularly, I found my writing skills consistently improve.

Writing is challenge. It requires ability where one is good in choosing the right words, composing powerful sentences and constructing paragraphs with committing grammatical errors free. The problem is that I was not a writer, it was very difficult to write an article, as well as write a high quality content.

Quality content always brings quality traffic to site owner. I know that. But it can became a big problem to anyone who do not know how to write properly. Writing articles or content is hard work especially with non-native English speaker as I am.

Well…good news. I am going to tell you that writing effective content for your website can now be easily done by selected article writing software.


  • Normally I compose my writing on MS Word. I do not feel annoy while the software performs spelling check and basic grammar correction. Other than that, my favorite feature that I always use is the synonyms suggestion. It helps me refine my sentence and enable me to stronger and more powerful words.

  • It is norm for me having difficulty to come up with the good sentences to compose the article. It was until I found Instant Article Wizard software.

    The program does solve my problem. Instant Article Wizard is a great article writing software, as it does the research for the sentences that relevant to your keywords for you. It can even put together paragraphs for you…but you still need to rewrite some part of the article to make the content unique.

    This software is the most creative article writing software in terms of its searching effectiveness. By input the keywords, the software will search though the Net and retrieving the sentences that related to that keywords then organized its result in-group of words ready for you to choose.

    There is no spelling and grammar check. Just give us the result of retrieved data. However, it helps me move forward. In fact, I always use Instant Article Wizard when I start writing new article.

  • Rewrite...

  • Occasionally, I got a good PLR article that matches my article-to-be-write perfectly. If you're not familiar with Private Label Rights content, now is the time to learn.

    How PLR content works is simple. You are given access by the original author to the source files for articles, ebooks, special reports, mini-courses, site graphics... and they are then yours to change, add to or use as is. You can put your name on them and sell them as your own or even give them away to build your list.

    You can use the PLR content to add more to your website, blog or newsletter. It's instant content that you don't have to spend hours writing or hundreds of dollars outsourcing. Keep in mind though that not all PLR content is created equal.

    There are sites that offer complete junk PLR and some even charge for it. But I discovered PLRWholesaler and I get thousands of pieces of PLR those help me again, move forward. Check it out and let me know what you think...

  • Well...I blend the selected PLR article with my own writing tone. In addition, move forward to rewrite it with WordFlood software. This software offers a powerful database with synonyms for over 140,000 words phrases and related words for a vast majority of all of the words in a given article. This is because WordFlood not only recognizes root words, but also many different tenses and variations of each word.

  • Sharpen My English!

  • Lastly, before I publish my articles, I verify for grammar checker with WhiteSmoke Writer T-Gen. This software is the leading English writing solution available on the Net.

    It includes an advanced grammar checker, spell checker, style checker, synonym dictionary and ready-to-use templates.

    WhiteSmoke Writer is an outstanding software from every article writing software that helps me improve my English writing style.

Free Article Writing Software Tool

Additional resources that assist me every day hence improve my English writing as if it is free article writing software., LLC, the world's largest and most authoritative online dictionary helps people get smarter any time, any place.

Daily Grammar is a fun, convenient way to learn grammar. By practicing language rules, any person able to read will be able to master English grammar.

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