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How to Increase Web Traffic

How to increase web traffic

"You must invest in learning how to increase web traffic even before investing in your business opportunity."

You heard me right.

If you jump into starting an online business while do not know exactly about how to increase web traffic to your site, it is unlikely to your success.

Hello, my name is Nassorn Snitwong.

Welcome to

I am the owner of this site. If you are looking for the ways to increase online web site traffic, you are in the right place. is dedicated to share my experiences, knowledge and information on how to build successful online business. Let me tell you a bit about my online journey.

I started building an online business since June 2008 as an affiliate marketer. I was very excited about earning opportunity on the Net I incidentally found in one night during my surfing.

I suddenly jumped into those opportunities by investing money in many well-known business opportunities promoted in those days. And put all of my resources in various advertising tools tried to promote those opportunities. Few months later, I found that…

    No matter how fantastic your product is, or how excellent your web site looks, your online business will be left emptiness, unless you know how to increase web traffic to your site.

Knowing how to bring traffic to web site is the critical success to your online business


When you step into an Internet business, you are in the advertising business as well. We are promoting things online. Therefore, our success depends on how we getting traffic, how we getting our message out, and how we respond.

Let me share how I start, and if you are new to online business, you may consider walks my path.

My online journey started one night as I found the SpiderWeb Marketing System. Though I was with this system for only few months, I owe the system creator for his exciting presentation that attracted me to the new world of multiple streams online business opportunities. His product changed my life forever.

From there, I was introduced to manual traffic exchange and email marketing to promote the program. And I recommend inexperience online marketer start learning online marketing by utilizing free advertising before investing in any business opportunity.

Increasing Web traffic - Paid or Free...

For over a year struggled to generate web site traffic, I found that there are two major categories of web site traffic generation. The first one is an active web site traffic generation model. New online entrepreneurs cannot avoid participating in this type. You have to involve yourself actively in order to get traffic.

This model includes manual traffic exchange and safelist marketing, Pay-Per-Click model or buy guaranteed hits to your site. All paid advertising methods consider as an active web traffic generation model. The key point is traffic will STOP when you stop pay. Traffic will STOP when you stop involving yourself actively.

Long lasting FREE traffic to my site!

Another category is passive web site traffic generation model. With this model, you have to spend time and efforts for about 1 to 2 years building your OWN targeted traffic. After that, you can enjoy earning your OWN free targeted traffic long lasting.


Learn to build a web site alone does not guarantee profitable online business. I achieve the passive model by...

Building your OWN targeted traffic takes time and consistently acting. Believe me; it is worth your efforts.

Knowing how to increase web traffic is endless learning. Search engines never stop developing their algorithm. Internet marketers invent new tools every day. So keep your heart open to learn, your online business will continue growing.

All the best...

How to increase web traffic - Nassorn

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