How to Write an Article a Week and Increase Targeted
Web Site Traffic

Now you decide to learn how to write an article. Excellence!

We all have great stories in our life to share with others. I found that getting them out of my head and write on to paper is an extremely hard part. Anyway, I believe it is worth my sweat. And I encourage you to proceed.

Nassorn Snitwong, Basic Author Article writing is an effective form of web traffic generator if done properly. It is a very powerful way to spread your stories, share your knowledge and information to the world. The powerful article writing is a way to build your brand as an expert. It is an excellent way to increase traffic to your web site as well.

Learning how to write an article that increase targeted traffic to web site requires us more than simple writing skills. We need to understand certain specific knowledge.

At this point, there are two main areas require your learning. You need to...

  1. learn how to write an article that people want to read and
  2. know the right place to expose your article to those people.
In short, you must know how to attracts search engines.

Don’t sweat…

There are many alternatives for non-writers

You can hire someone else who will do the article writing, while you are able to take your own credit as the author of the article. Finding a good article ghost writer can be a frustrating task if you don’t approach the process properly. Their service fees respond their skill and performance level. Remember, a professional ghost writer will write just for you.

Writing articles to convince readers to visit your website is not as simple as most think it to be, but there are ways to do that and everyone can learn how. Moreover, there are many useful tools both free and paid available on the Internet that can help you write better.

Are you looking forward to increase online web site traffic by writing articles?

If you are, you may be enthusiastic to know how you can increase targeted traffic FREE to your site. Of course, you can find a professional content writer, but there is another approach you can take.

That approach is writing articles quickly with the help of article writing templates, as you are able to create articles fast. On that same note, you must still be able to provide quality content.

Then it comes to next question -- how can you write quality articles, but at a relatively fast pace?

Here is the ways...

For starters...relax, give it time

If you are just getting started with article writing, it may take you a few weeks or even a couple of months to get things around in proper places.

After time, and the helping hands, you will learn how to write an article smartly with numerous tips and techniques that can improve your speed, while still allowing you to maintain the HIGH quality.

Another way that you can write quality articles quickly is to opt for projects that are on subjects that you already know about.

This can significantly cut down on your research time. Do you enjoy exercising? Do you have a passion for pets? Try finding writing jobs or write your own articles on these topics.

Reduce distractions

For example, do you find the internet to be a distraction? If so, temporarily disable it from your computer. This will prevent you from surfing the internet when you should be writing instead. Eliminating distractions will help to keep you working at a steady pace, which should allow you to write articles at a quicker rate of speed.

Writer’s block - Big problem that plagues writers

Before you start writing, open up a blank copy of Microsoft Word or grab a notebook. Write down the main points that you want to cover in each article. Creating an outline is help, as it allows you to spend more time writing and less time thinking about what you want to write.

Microsoft Words is one of my favorite tools. They have a nice spell check program, which you could count on. Instead of going back and fixing your errors right away, let Microsoft do the work for you. Once your article is completed, you can simply go back and change the errors, which should be underlined in red for you. On that same note, be sure to proofread your article still.

Proofreading Tips

If you are writing a series of articles, like 3 or more, you may want to write as many articles as possible and then proofread when you are finished. This may help to reduce writer’s blocks. If you get “in the zone,” with writing, you may not want to stop. You may find yourself writing a number of articles at a very fast rate of speed. However, if you stop proofreading each article, your flow may be disrupted.

An important note

Many new writers assume that the quickest way rather than keep learning how to write an article smartly is to rewrite articles, they find online. This is a gray area. If you are writing articles for someone else, your client may ask for unique articles. If so, it is okay to use the internet to research, but not to copy an article. However, some clients will ask for article rewrites. Most times, you are rewriting PLR articles, which the clients in question own themselves.

As highlighted above, there are a number of ways that you can learn how to write an article at a quicker rate of speed. Although this will allow you to make more money, as you can write more articles, never underestimate the power of quality content. In fact, most readers prefer quality content to content that produced in a rush.

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