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Increase web traffic free with Site Build It

Building an online business, that increase web traffic free and solid is not a fortune. It is a choice.

My dream since the year 2000 was having my own income-generation web site. Without any research, I registered my beloved domain name and created few web pages about my beloved hobby using a free web hosting available in those days.

Just then, I realized that no matter how fantastic your product is, or how excellent your web site looks, your online business would be left emptiness, unless your site is visible to targeted customers. And I thought the best source to increase web traffic free to my site must be the search engines.

Yes, there are easy ways to build a Web site (just ask the Site Build It scam folks). However, online profits require more than just having a collection of Web pages. We need site traffic – free targeted Web site traffic. It sounds like hard works for me because I am neither a web designer nor a search engine optimizer.

Fortunately, I found Site Build It!

With its affordable price… well, actually it’s very competitive price compare to all tools I used in those days. My way building a real online business becomes easier. That is because SBI! includes all the tools plus a proven process required to build a long-term, profitable online business.

Site Build It! was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. His series of books have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell! formerly books sold by SiteSell, now free.
Site Build It! is far beyond a "site builder." I don't need to look for a separate hosting. I don't need to worry about choosing the right domain name, paying for a separate keyword research tool ( approx. $27 per month), handling site submissions, and integrating autoresponders, etc. Site Built It provides all the tools in ONE place, at very LOW price. See the full list of features here.

I don't need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed. Especially, my major concern about how to increase web traffic free. Site Build It! removes the technical barriers and allowing me to keep my attention on building valuable contents. Many functions are completely automated. The tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically so I can focus on other important business-building activities.

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More over...

  • Site Build It! helps me choose the best monetization options for my site concept. Creating a diverse monetization mix will help me maximize my site's profitability and ensure long-term growth. This is guarantee earning :)
  • List-building and e-mail marketing is included (usually these expensive features are bought separately with a monthly charge fees). I can sign up visitors to the e-zine subscription list and then mail an issue to them. This repeat exposure builds a stronger bond with my visitors and allows for direct promotions to them. Deeper PREselling = More Monetization.
  • Automatic site blogging included with SBI! turns my site into a blog easily. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a blog without needing extra skills or additional software. For those experienced with blogging, auto-pinging for your SBI! blog keeps your site on the Search Engines' radar. All of this helps increase web traffic free.
  • Content 2.0 allows my site's visitors to create content for me. Turn any page on my site into an invitation for my visitors to add content. C2 then allows other visitors to comment and rate the page much like on a blog. This means my site will have more Search Engine attractive pages. Having more site pages means the Search Engines will rank my pages higher and that leads to increase web traffic free more and more.
  • Risk-free from spam. Site Build It! includes an easy-to-use form builder with autoresponders. Wow!...this is great. We can build contact forms, surveys, and polls to easily communicate with our visitors. Experienced users will appreciate no longer needing separate form-building tools. Having these tools all in one place saves time and expense, too.
  • To increase web traffic free, we have to announce our web site to the Search Engines by submitting a specialized file called a "Sitemap XML" file. Site Build It! does it all automatically, a huge time saver, that enables me to quickly achieve wider distribution and attract more targeted free traffic to my site.
  • And much...much...more....


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The Proven Process

Content builds Traffic, which is PREsold as you build valuable information. Then, and only then you are ready to Monetize.

Internet users search for information, for solutions to solve their problem. They are not looking for you - they don't know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start - at "the search."

The BIG mistake I have made before I found Solo Build It! was, I started at the end - MONETIZATION rather than started at the beginning - CONTENT.

Now it is time to do the right thing. Let me show you the proven way to build the success online business. This proven process guarantee earnings and drives free traffic to my site.

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