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When you finished this page, you will be amazed that make money surfing traffic exchanges is so simple!

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I believe that you have more or less experiences with surf for credits at manual traffic exchange sites. Nevertheless, you have doubtful how to make money surfing traffic exchange. If you are new to traffic exchange marketing, you may find an overview about manual traffic exchange useful information.

    Statistic tells that more than 90% of Internet marketers were miserable fail because of lacking knowledge about Internet web site promotion.

    They do NOT know how to do online business advertising effectively. They do not aware that effective marketing is the critical factor to business succeeds.

Therefore, on the way to make money surfing traffic exchanges, this circumstance also applies when you use manual traffic exchange advertising.

  • Do You Promote Your Business Opportunity to Traffic Exchange Surfers? ...Does it generate sales?

  • Who Is Your Target Prospect? ...Are They Surfing Around Traffic Exchange Sites?

  • Are you sure that traffic exchange advertising is your source to increase targeted traffic?

I am going to tell you the golden rule about how to make money surfing traffic exchanges, and you will probably shock...

..STOP selling your “opportunity” on traffic exchange sites!


    Look at other surfers.

    The fact is other surfers already have something to sell, and they are trying to sell it to YOU. They are as same as you are.

    They are surfing to promote what THEY are selling!

Once I realized traffic exchange surfers’ expectation, I stopped promoting the affiliate sites trying to sell my best online business, and start doing the right things.

From then on, something magical happened. Besides, my earning never stops.

Using Traffic Exchange Effectively

Stop Being A Victim

Manual traffic exchange sites are NOT the right place to advertise affiliate sales pages.

So, stick with the golden rule; STOP trying to sell them YOUR business.

Forget about your best online business at this moment...

Traffic exchange sites are the best place to…

  1. Build Your List.
    Spend all of your surfing credits in building your own list. Building your own list is crucial to your online business success.

    Let us look at the way of surfing manual traffic exchanges; you must realize that exchange surfers view your promoting site for about 10–20 seconds. Moreover, they surf with main purpose of building their credits in order to sell their product, NOT to buy your product.

    Therefore, the effective way of list building is using a specific designed page called splash page rather than sending them to your website or long explaining sales page.

    Alternatively, the most effective one is squeeze page that has a simple headline, description, and opt-in form for an autoresponder. So that the targeted traffic can easily type their email address in and continually receive more information about your offering via series of email messages.

  2. Build Your OWN List. NOT Someone Else List.

    All professional online marketers build their list and keep them in their OWN autoresponder account. An autoresponder is a MUST-HAVE tool you cannot earn money at home without it.

    With this tool, you can educate your targeted customers by sending them the follow up messages using email-marketing strategy. You can continually keep in touch with them. You can build good relationship and trust.

    With each one well-written message, you can communicate with several hundreds or thousands targeted customer by just one press-sending button. This is an automated response system, which is a MUST-HAVE tool that helps you earn money at home.

    Give Them What They Want…

    With the informative squeeze pages offering free report that help them learn how to make money surfing traffic exchange, your targeted traffic is willing to enter their email address into your own autoresponder account and allow you to send them email messages.

    As discuss earlier, we know that other traffic exchange surfers need more traffic for their business.

  3. Show Them How to Increase Web TRAFFIC!

    That is introducing them the best advertising sites or top rank traffic exchanges that they can get more web site traffic.

    increase web traffic

    Among listing of hundreds exchange sites traffic web, Traffic Hoopla is the best resource to immediately increase site traffic web.

    By their independently tested report that based on statistical testing data only, (meaning, they do not conduct surveys or take votes), they provide reliable and consistent, weekly testing reports and rankings, continuously since 2002.

    Alternatively, Affiliate Funnel believes in power of the surfers. They involve people in their top-ranked report by allowing thousands of surfers to vote for their favorite traffic generation programs. They appreciate your participation.

    With the above reports, you can be sure that you show them the best resources of active exchange sites traffic web where active surfers are gather around. Remember, both systems are free to join.

  4. The Money is In the Follow up Message

    The Money is NOT in the list. It is in the WALLETS of people who are ON the list. People do not sign up on your list to buy something from you. They sign up to learn something.

    Many online marketers have a short attention span including me. We need extended information and it has to tell what is in it for us. Therefore, the follow up is crucial part of making sale.

    Professionally written is the key resource that our targeted customers see the benefits. I owe it all to Scott Douglas and his professional written follow up messages that educated me how to make money surfing on traffic exchanges.
    TE Profits
    When I started my way to earn money from home, I have been struggling surfing manual traffic exchanges with no results, trying to find buying customers for almost a year.

    I never found anything that I was very comfortable with until I read one of Scott Douglas follow up message. His messages educated me that make money surfing on traffic exchanges is possible. Then I follow the TE Profits system.

    Finally, I starting to see results from traffic exchange marketing and make money surfing traffic exchanges become real to me. My traffic volume is increasing, my list is growing every day, and my sales never stop. All I was doing is follow the system!

    Your List … Your Leads … Your Business

    You must aware that the solid growth of your business stays behind your list!

    Get Scott Douglas free report and continue learning the right way to make money surfing on traffic exchanges from his 25 professional written messages.

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