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How to Generate Passive Income with Article Writing

Article writing is not only the way to increase online web site
traffic but a best way to generate passive income as well.

Are you looking for the way of make money writing articles?. Yes, writing articles as a ghost writer to earn upfront payments is nice. However, did you know that you could write as a way to generate passive income?

Do you realize that passive income is seldom known as the gift that just keeps on giving? Why?

Because with passive income model, you earn money over an extend a period of time from your work done in the past. Not just one time.  

As a ghost writer, when you write for a client who seeks for a unique content, you typically receive one lump sum payment. Yes, perfect earning money writing articles. However, you have to write another piece or article to earn more. And another article to earn more. You cannot stop. When you stop writing, your earning also stops.  

Let look at a different scenario.

How would you like to earn money on an article that you wrote a years ago? How would your life be if hundreds articles you written few years ago keep generating income for you?


There are a number of options for you to start making money writing articles that generate passive income. Before reviewing these options, it is important to focus on the word “generating.” The reality is you can earn money overtime, but it takes some time to start seeing huge profits.

You have to spend few months writing and publish. 

One of the best ways to earn money writing articles in the form of passive income is building your own niche website. Fill out the website with value content the people are looking for. The content theme can be either a popular subject that people love to read or a subject that is your passion.  

Everyone knows some things. Your experiences, your knowledge or other value information will be shared through your written articles, which will be displayed on your website.

How to generate passive income through your website?

The simple one is through advertisers. A highly recommending program is Google AdSense.  With this program, the income generates each time that a reader clicks on advertisements posted on your web pages.  

The next one is through affiliate programs, where program owners provide you banners to post on your web page.  Each time your website generates a sale, you receive commissions.

Building passive income stream by this way require you to write value content on your own niche website. However, the key is you need to make sure that the readers can find you. In fact, you may face a lot of competitions online. 


How to increase targeted traffic to your site.

Since article writing becomes your specialty. It is feasible for you to write again and again. You write several unique articles and submit them to online article directories. Make sure to include a link to your website.

You may be surprised the number of readers follow that link. The more traffic to your website, the higher chances to get click on the advertisements.

Building your own content filled website is the best ways to generate passive income since you can control everything. However, if you are the new entrepreneurs and having a tight budget, there is an alternative involves finding revenue sharing websites.

There are content filled websites that rely on professional writers to fill their content.  In exchange, they may share a percentage of the revenue generated from your articles or an agreed upon bonus. 

If you cannot afford the cost of building your own Web site that required web-hosting fee, this is a good start.

Do you get the point?

Passive income generation is possible in a number of different ways.  With that said, if you start writing, it is not only writing to attract web site traffic but also making money writing articles. Does it thrill your writing?  

Start writing now. Find upfront paying clients for today earning. Write informative content and build your niche Web site, you are on the way building passive income while earn money writing articles in your spare time.  Believe me, you cannot go wrong with this approach.

Nassorn Snitwong

Article writing is not only the way to increase online web site traffic but a best way to generate passive income as well.

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