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Why Is Writing Important?


Writing is a simple form of communication. It’s the primary basis upon your learning since you were young. Your intellect will be judged in college, in the workplace and in the community through your writing.

Writing makes your thinking visible and helps you move without doubt among fact and opinions without confusing your reader.

In order to make your meaning understandable by using only words on a page, you have to exercises precisely what you think about the topic. You come to grasp it for yourself in the process of explaining it to others.

So writing makes you really seize on what you are thinking. It fosters you to explain a complex spot to readers and to yourself. It helps you refine your ideas when you give others' feedback.

Writing is an essential job skill.
The skill that can be a ticket to professional jobs. Based on survey responses, the National Commission on Writing estimates that remedying deficiencies in writing costs American corporations as much as $3.1 billion annually.

People who cannot write and communicate clearly will not be hired, and if already working, are unlikely to last long enough to be considered for promotion.

Improve your writing skills is worth your efforts.
Information from gives impressive results for average writer income levels:
  • Grant and proposal writers average a salary of $40,000.
  • Speech writers have an income of $66,000.
  • An entry-level technical writer earns $42,000 and an advanced-level technical writer earns $81,000.
  • An entry-level medical writer earns $49,500 while an advanced medical writer earns $69,800.
  • An entry-level Web writer has an income of $42,000 while an advanced web writer earns $65,000 a year.

As an Internet marketer, do you know -- "Why You Should Write?"
The facts are...
  • 97% of people with online access will research products and services online before they purchase.
  • 55% of all local searches are done with an intent to buy.
  • ... and of all local searches, 8 out of 10 call or visit a store and 60% of those result in a purchase.
Most people searching for information on the Net using the Search Engines. Did you know...

Some basic facts of Google search is simple by Words. So that, every word matters for people to find you on the Internet.  However, writing the search engine friendly page requires additional knowledge.  

Google PageRank technology considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. The page with high quality inbound links is consider important page and receive a higher PageRank and is more likely to appear at the top of the search results.  

In order to gain the inbound links from the high quality sites, you have to write the high value content page(s).

That's all about why is writing important to online marketer.

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Online Writing Resources

Improve Your GrammarCollins Good Grammar Graham King, The Author

Editorial Reviews: Picking up a book on grammar takes courage, but the learner can take heart from the fact that many of the great writers, including Charlotte Brontë, were hopeless at grammar at school. Her teachers complained that she "knew nothing of grammar," and could read only "tolerably" and write "indifferently."

Yet though learning and obeying the rules of grammar won’t automatically bestow the grace and excellence of a Brontë on your writing, learning how written language works will certainly improve your communication skills, step by practical step.

The guide features the 13 gremlins of grammar, from apostrophes to verbs; the point of sentence construction; the writing of good English; and witty cartoons by Hunt Emerson.

Career Information for a Degree in Writing
...Most beginning copywriters earn between $34,000 and $45,000 per year, as quoted by

American Writers & Artists Inc.
AWAI is the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, travel writing, photography and graphic design home-study programs since 1997. They helped thousands of people do just that.

Writing.Com provides a plethora of item types for its members to create. Here you'll find the tools every writer needs to take his or her creativity to new levels.

WikiAnswers - Why Writing is Important?
Ultimately, writing is a form of communication. Everyone knows about writing to entertain, but..., LLC.
The world's largest and most authoritative online dictionary
that helps people get smarter any time, any place.  

The Open University
What is Good Writing? The Open University (OU) is the United Kingdom's only university dedicated to distance learning.

Nassorn Snitwong
A Special Invitation
Why is Writing Important

Why Writing Matters!

Effective writing skills are important in all stages of life from early education to future employment.

In the business world, as well as in school, students must convey complex ideas and information in a clear, succinct manner.

Inadequate writing skills, therefore, could inhibit achievement across the curriculum and in future careers, while proficient writing skills help students convey ideas, deliver instructions, analyze information, and motivate others.

National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, The Condition of Education 1998

, p. 70